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Our customers trust and rely on our independent and unbiased advice in recommending and providing exactly the right solution or combination of solutions to meet whatever their business demands. Offering a whole range of managed network solutions, from broadband provisioning through to IT network security and cloud computing solutions, we can help deliver fantastic IT integration throughout your business.

Our selection of managed network services are becoming ever more popular, particularly site wide wireless infrastructures due to the ever increasing use of personal or business laptops. Offering fully scaleable, site wide, robust and secure systems, our IT Experts have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure your network environment is a fully flexible and productive platform that is totally sufficient for today and tomorrow!

Our Services

Cloud Computing
Broadband Reseller
Our private cloud computing solutions can deliver your applications, email, data and much more to any user, anywhere, anytime, with simply an Internet connection and a computer. Ranging from delivering corporate data and familiar working environments to the provision of necessary office based productivity software applications, these services are provided on demand and are easily fully scaleable.

The popularity of our Cloud Computing services is growing exponentially, driven purely by cost savings and reduced IT overheads compared with in-house IT systems and administration.

The full range of these services and working demonstrations are available on request.

Need a broadband that’s built for high speed networks, not just adapted for it?

BE Broadband with Online PC Support can give you the unrestricted, unadulterated fast internet connection you need, enabling you to streamline your organisational efficiency with technologies such as Video Conferencing, VoIP and high speed File Sharing.

Capable of uploading faster than most people download, rock solid and with no hidden fees, BE broadband is designed so that your competitors (or anyone else for that matter) won’t slow you down!

Virtual Private Networks
Virtual Private Networks provide businesses with the ability to transfer secure, encrypted data between remote sites as well as permitting remote users access to on-premise business services via the Internet with as little as a standard broadband connection and VPN router.

VPNs are most popular amongst businesses with regional or international sites where physical interaction is impossible, and with our help implementing such a simple solution can deliver an exceptional increase in employee collaboration, business efficiency and data replication.

Using the latest security appliances and VPN software our IT Expert’s can help with all aspects from purchasing, installation, configuration and roll-out to end users and remote sites using our Online Support services.

Any system connected to the Internet is prone to attacks in a variety of forms, from data breach to full system access and control. It is essential that suitable firewall devices are installed at the forefront of your network’s Internet connection to keep out intruders.

Data security and protection requires a different approach as this information can be compromised from malware infections or simple mistakes by users. To fully protect your systems, appropriate security software applications should be installed and maintained, complimented by appropriate network user access control.

We can recommend, provide and support a variety of cost-effective devices, software applications and management techniques to protect you and your business from harm.

Wireless Site Surveys
Wireless Networks
The survey is the most important part of any wireless network, and for best practice we follow our company policy of: survey, design, implement, survey.

On-site engineers carry out the following tasks: spectrum analysis, RF interference, measurement of SNR, RF power peaks, channel interference and channel overlap.

Each survey is complimented with full analysis documentation, equipment recommendation and associated project costs.

Wireless mesh networking can reduce costly cable backhaul as Ethernet Wiring is no longer needed to connect to individual access points. Enterprise WLAN deployment becomes dramatically faster, cheaper and less complex as access points are simply plugged into any convenient power source.

We are proud of delivering high-end, powerful and flexible WLAN solutions that are not only affordable but extremely reliable and robust.

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