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We are the UK's leading independent IT Experts - a team of truly passionate engineers capable of resolving practically any problem that is presented to us! Proud of our unique and unbiased service we deliver simplified solutions and genuinely helpful advice specialising in quick and efficient secure fixes over the Internet.

We utilise secure and encrypted remote control software that allows you to connect us to any workstation, laptop or server of your choice, anywhere in the world. Our IT Experts perform support sessions by sharing your keyboard, mouse and screen to enable us to quickly diagnose and resolve your IT problems.

Our Business Support Plans are designed to cover every possible IT requirement, from one-off requests within single user businesses all the way through to large, multi-user, multi-site environments, either complimenting existing IT staff or direct to end-users. We can also provide a fully outsourced and managed IT service for businesses that have more demanding and critical IT environments.

From one off emergencies to discounted support packages, our pricing plans have been designed to Make IT Affordable and accessible to all. Our dedication and motivation means that whenever you need it, we are able to give you the UK based support you need in a timeframe that often even surprises us, and ensures we stay doing what we love thanks to thousands of happy customers!

Support Plans

Using our cutting edge remote support technology, we are able to fix your problems all from the comfort of your office chair (or anywhere else you might happen to be!). Our support plans ensure that whenever and however often you need us, we are able to give you the help you need. And don't forget, a quick chat on the telephone is always free!
All Prices exclude VAT
A support session is up to 15 minutes of time with one of our IT Experts. The number of sessions you require will vary depending on the severity of your problem, but our fantastic discount packages guarantee that whatever help you need remains affordable. And you can rest assured that those sessions we don't use will remain on your account for one year from the date of purchase.

Get Started

Have a problem with your computer? Give us a call or log in to the Support Centre to make contact with an IT Expert.
Our IT Expert, with your permssion, will connect securely to your computer and diagnose the problem.
Relax whilst you watch our IT Expert fix your problem without you having to lift another finger!

Typical Fixes

Thanks to our IT Expert’s years of experience, we have seen all manner of problems from simple fixes to completely bizarre and baffling behaviour, but as yet there’s nothing we haven’t been able to fix! Our diverse range of knowledge and experiences ensure’s there’s always someone here who can fix your problem, please find below an example of the most common fixes we have undertaken.
Email & Outlook
From send and receive errors and signature issues to email recovery and configuration, we can do it all - no matter who your email provider is or how broken you computer might be.
PC Backup
PC backups are the achilles heel of the computing world- always talked about, easy to perform but terribly implemented. Our IT Experts can take you through the whole process, from first run to full restore.
Windows has become much better in the last few years at talking to printers correctly, but if your's doesn’t yet, we'll have you back up in no time. Any printer, any PC, providing you’ve got the cable!
Spyware Removal
Thanks to sweaty nerds, spyware has become amazingly complex and discreet, but still slows your PC down all the same. We'll bet you £49.99 we can get rid of it!
File Downloads
The advent of the internet posed age old problems in a new and novel way - identification, authenticity and integrity all had to be accounted for, but these measures can interrupt even the most basic internet tasks. Don’t throw it out the window, talk to our IT Experts!
Virus Removal
Computers suffer a daily torrent of break-in attempts, from the sly to the brute, but unlike people, can’t normally heal themselves. Fortunately our IT Experts are fantastic at their jobs, and can pry out even the most resilient of PC viruses.
File Sharing
Computers truly show their value when you let them talk to each other- sharing files between colleagues, streaming music to your PS3, videos to your iPhone, we can help you do it all, from anywhere in the world!
System Security
From the Mafia to Wikileaks protestors, people will pay money to control your computer. Having worked with computers since the introduction of the PC, we know all the tricks and can help keep you safe on the web.
Microsoft Office
The world's most advanced office productivity software, Microsoft Office is a necessity for modern computers, and we’ve used and fixed it so much we can solve any problem that is presented to us!
Full PC Service
Like cars, PC’s work best when they're properly maintained, although even the most organised system can become bloated. Our IT Experts can clean up your system and unleash it’s full potential all over again!
Remote Working
We spend a lot of our time in comfy chairs at work and want you to be able to do the same, wherever you work from. Thanks to our love of technology and comfort we can help you do what you need from right where you are!
Slow Computers
Over time computer systems have a tendency to eat themselves, becoming bloated and unresponsive with programs, updates, broken links and fragmented files. Our IT Experts know the drill and will have your machine on it’s feet as quickly as we can.
Wireless Networks
Allowing the freedom to roam with your technology without being tethered to a cable, wireless gives you fantastic flexibility and opportunity. From connection errors to full network rebuilds we can help you be free again!
PC/Laptop Failure
Like any machine, eventually all PC's, laptops, iPods, hard drives, power supplies and even RAM will die. Our IT Experts can help you clean up the mess, recover what we can and ensure you’re back up and running in no time!
PC Health Check
Every computer needs a checkup at least once a year, more frequently if you have kids, to guarantee a responsive, stable system. Thanks to the volume of repairs we undertake, our IT Expert’s know exactly where to start to bring life back to your machine!
Home Networks
With the average person’s demand for Internet resources, from coursework to contracts, being without a stable network connection can wreak havoc on even the most organised of individuals, let alone households or corporations. Have no fear, our IT Experts have seen and can fix them all!
Windows Errors
Random errors and crashes are a frustrating part of any computing experience, but thanks to our IT Expert’s own requirements for a stable, fast computing platform, they’ll know how to fix yours in no time!
Software Installation
From nifty bits of productivity software to the latest games, we can help you overcome any tedious problems and errors encountered whilst installing your or updating your latest toys.

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