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At Online PC Support our experience has found that unless IT security is reviewed, analysed and managed appropriately your business may find themselves in a position where your system could become corrupt, compromised or simply inconvenienced by unnecessary downtime.

Often overlooked, something as simple as restricting your end users, particularly staff who take home laptops, from having full administrative access to their computers, for example, can not only protect data but also prevent unnecessary problems from occurring. Following our few simple steps and working with us to review your IT security policies and their implementation, we can not only reduce your IT overheads but also improve the end user’s experiences when using IT devices and systems.

We have found that inappropriate management of security products, typically Anti-Virus and Internet Content Filtering provides opportunity for rogue applications and users to bypass the protection implemented within businesses. A small investment in time and policy review can easily avoid these security holes from being exploited, and given that nearly half of all businesses do not implement a strict backup and update schedule due to lack of experience or time, we can help you avoid the inevitable collapse of devices or even whole IT systems.

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Internet Filtering
As a business, you are responsible for the data that travels over your wires.

Working with Websense, the global leader in unified web, data and email content security we can offer you unparalleled protection against advanced & persistent threats, loss of data and user abuse.

Offering the world’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) we can help improve your business productivity whilst keeping your corporate data and online reputation safe.

According to the Websense 2010 Threat Report, throughout the last year alone the number of malicious internet websites grew by 111.4%, of which nearly 80% were legitimate websites that had been compromised.

With threats becoming more complex and advanced, superior Anti-Virus is a necessity for any computer attached to a network or the internet. Using AVG’s internationally recognised security software we work with your business to keep both your users and your software vigilant and defended against exploitation or theft.

Intellectual Property
Corporate Data
Within most organisations data is now held in a digital format, opening up the possibility of unauthorised yet easily executed duplication and distribution. For many modern businesses, this problem extends to corporate methodology and working processes which are vulnerable to theft and exposure amongst rival companies, particularly when an employee leaves.

It is therefore key to implement physical barriers and restrictions amongst users to prevent the loss of deliberately centralised or sensitive data such as email, contact lists, proposals, and patents etc, as well as the movement of such data to unauthorised devices.

This year the ITRC’s survey into data breaches worldwide found that for the first time since records began, malicious attack has replaced human error as the number one cause of data loss. Businesses were the most likely to suffer a loss.

With a plethora of laws governing data retention and security, as well as a wealth of tools to protect and prevent data loss, we can ensure you have access to your sensitive data wherever you might need it whilst minimising the risk of having your brand name tarnished by data breach.

HR & Payroll
User Accounts
Protecting the privacy and integrity of your employee data is paramount to safe working environments and low staff turnover.

Our secure, reliable systems allow you to have instant, easy access to all of your HR related data, helping you manage staff turnover and comply with employment law without worrying about the risk of data loss or misuse.

Security policies depend strictly on your business requirements, but often limit productivity and overall system performance due to the complexities of cryptography and physical authentication. By utilising the built-in features of Microsoft Windows we can offer a security solution that allows total user, password and policy management.

Simply defining robust user groups and group policy we can build or integrate a security solution that exceeds your expectations and ensures your IT system is fully protected on all levels.

Asset Management
Usage Policy
Efficient asset management and control gives businesses the power and flexibility required to increase day-to-day performance and profitability whilst minimising operational costs.

We can deploy and monitor software agents across your existing IT platform to automate and streamline the reporting, collecting and management of software and hardware assets, allowing you to stay in control of your system life cycle, software licensing status and ensuring all IT equipment is insured in the event of equipment loss or theft.

With IT systems expanding on a daily basis, this has never been a more vital yet complex task and with a centralised inventory, you remain in control of your assets whilst minimising unnecessary use of IT resources.

Modern computers can enable businesses to incorporate exceedingly efficient and productive workflow techniques, however unrestricted control within technology can lead to data loss, mistakes and irreversible damage.

It is therefore essential that protection and security measures are implemented using built-in tools and features to "lock-down" the computer environment, restricting access to and control of critical features.

Our advanced knowledge can offer you a standardised, flexible yet fully restricted security policy across your entire IT system.

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