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Our experience tends to show us that when it comes to server systems, confusion is rife at both ends of the scale - small businesses could almost always benefit from a small server solution but are hindered by the initial presumption of cost quoted by many other companies or who maybe do not truly understand the benefits of having a server within their business; whereas businesses who already have server infrastructure appreciate and commit to IT investment are often oversold equipment and solutions because they know they must spend money but are too trusting to question the quotations and recommendations they are provided with - a problem that tends to increase the longer a relationship has endured.

It is not until we have worked directly with these businesses that they see the benefits a server based system provides, and the savings Online PC Support are able to offer over other IT companies, or even buying direct from the manufacturer.

We pride ourselves in Making IT Affordable and consider every possible option to lower the total cost of ownership whilst supplying a suitable specification platform and appropriate hardware warranties. Coupled by our leading Online Support plans and Outsourced IT Support plans, we can help your business save money and become more productive!

Our Services

Server Cabinets
Dell Solutions
As partners with the UK's largest distributors of APW enclosures and racks we are able to provide a full variety of solutions and configurations regardless of your existing environment or requirements.

In addition to our preferred manufacturer (APW), we can also source and supply a complete range of other manufacturer's cabinets and accessories, such as shelving, PDUs, fixings, fans and cabling.

All items are available with immediate dispatch for next day delivery.

Server based IT environments often assume and require a certain level of data availability and reliability.

With Dell's global reputation as world leader in computing, providing solid, fully customisable business machines complete with market leading warranties, and with our reputation providing complete professional and pro-active IT services, we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive yet affordable IT solutions in the UK.

Disaster Recovery
Virtualisation has allowed businesses to achieve the reliability and scalability of IT systems without the need to build, manage or invest in masses of hardware.

With super-fast, dependable and dedicated virtual servers, we can provide your business with a complete range of enterprise virtualisation solutions, from servers to virtual global networks.

Running from our UK data centre, we are proud to offer the first truly scaleable IT solution that becomes cheaper the more you use it.

Too often we see the aftermath of businesses, IT users and organisations making the same basic mistake. Not understanding the fallible nature of data.

Your corporate data, like your customer’s data, is critical. In the event of fire, destruction or total failure, how long would you take to get your systems back on-line?

Our expertise can provide you with a highly available, fully redundant IT infrastructure, including email, applications and data, to get your business back on-line in a flash!

Using smart software installation and maintenance techniques, businesses can ensure they have all their required software readily available for users without the need to physically access each machine.

Working with new or existing infrastructures we allow businesses to reduce their total cost of software ownership whilst giving you complete, centralised control.

Capable of handling flexible desk policies and remote users, we can provide you precisely the software deployment solution you need.

Proud of our extensive experience, honesty and unique ethos, we truly aim to have your IT systems running correctly around the clock.

Our incredible online support keeps you in control, so you and your business can rest assured in the reliability of your server and IT systems, however our help and advice will never stop as long as we know you, from the occasional phone call to honest advice in meetings.

Find out for yourself why our thousands of customers seek our advice first.

Outsourced IT
From managing multiple servers across continents to local data redundancy, we can help you and your business select and implement a fully disaster ready backup and failover solution which suits your needs and budget.

Capable of monitoring and configuring backups remotely to multiple locations from either physical or virtual servers, machines or networks we can ensure that should you ever encounter irreversible hardware failure or human error, your data can be recovered within minutes, even by technophobes!

As providers of services & solutions to a variety of businesses, we know that Outsourced IT is an effective measure for dramatically reducing your IT overheads and ongoing costs, allowing you to save more from your budget and increase IT efficiency without compromising on reliability.

Given the high costs associated with employing IT technicians, the high turnover of staff within these positions or simply as a measure for major cost savings, outsourcing IT is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Online PC Support specialise in Outsourced IT solutions giving your business the peace of mind that a friendly, familiar and knowledgeable addition to your IT resources is available. Whether you employ internal IT technicians or need a new IT partner we can help whenever and however often you might need us.

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