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Our private cloud computing solutions can deliver your applications, email, data and much more to any user, anywhere, anytime, with simply an Internet connection and a computer. Capable of providing services ranging from the provision of coursework and familiar working environments to managing the supply of necessary academic software applications, these services are provided on demand and are easily fully scaleable.

The popularity of our cloud computing services is growing exponentially, driven purely by cost savings and reduced ICT overheads compared with in-house ICT systems and administration. Bracing the wide spectrum of leading edge technologies from Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix and more, this is an exciting opportunity to welcome the inevitable future of ICT into your school.

With a proven track record and boasting fully demonstrable systems we await the opportunity to send you your demo username and password, along with a full explanation of cloud computing, our services and how they can help your school!

Our Services

Online Desktop Services
Hosted Exchange
Online Desktop Services offers an innovative and exceptionally cost effective method for providing simplified, fast and up to date ICT Suites. Completely removing the need for expensive hardware infrastructure as well as ICT maintenance costs, utilising our Desktop As A Service (DAAS) subscription based Online Desktop gives your staff and pupils access to a familiar Microsoft windows desktop environment.

Accessible via a web page portal, staff and pupils automatically have access, anywhere in the world, to their own virtual desktop environment, data and software applications as if they were sat in your school’s ICT suite.

With all your resources held safely in our highly secure data centres, you can provide your school with the ICT infrastructure you need or desire with nothing but a predictable monthly fee to worry about. With Online Desktop Services, you don't even need to take care of administration, backup or updates as we make sure everything “just works” and all you need is an Internet connection!

For those who demand more than send and receive when it comes to email communication, we are pleased to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange. Synchronised, always available and fully user oriented, Exchange allows immediate, worldwide collaboration through any device connected to the Internet.

Effectively managing resources, timetables and a vast array of people requires efficient and equally impressive communication and scheduling to ensure smooth operation no matter where you and your users might be. Accessible via a standard web browser, Outlook Mail Client or via a mobile device using ActiveSync your contacts, calendar, mailboxes and more will always be up to date however you access your account.

Utilising the latest version of Microsoft Exchange with full high availability, distribution and redundancy, our cloud based Exchange accounts give you the disaster-proof email systems modern establishments demand whilst saving you the burden of maintenance, management, support and infrastructure costs.

MailCleaner Anti-Spam
Cloud Storage
Using a professional filtering solution designed to eradicate all malicious or otherwise undesirable email (spam), we employ a unique system which captures and cleans email in the cloud before it finishes reaching it’s intended destination.

Already protecting thousands of users, our sophisticated solution works in parallel with your current ICT system to provide end users full quarantine control features - with just a click anyone can instantly release a message retained by the filter to their inbox.

This service is provided on a subscription basis, charged at £1 per user per month, with a minimum subscription of 10 x users.

Offering scaleable, secure and flexible solutions Cloud Storage allows you to access your data anywhere at anytime, removing the need to carry removable storage with you or having to use the same computer to save and retrieve your information. A variety of Cloud Storage options are available from single user to multi-user collaboration platforms, all with industry standard security and access protocols.

Our Cloud Storage packages all include unlimited data storage backed by a secure infrastructure providing you with the peace of mind that your data is safe, fully backed up and yet accessible at anytime, from anywhere.

Cloud Backup
Web & Email Hosting
With Online PC Backup, we can help ensure that your establishment’s data is fully protected in the event of any given disaster recovery scenario. With a simple, lightweight software application your system is monitored for file changes and once the initial backup has been completed only those files with changes are transmitted to your backup location.

Although daily backups are regularly taken, these backup sets are commonly performed overnight providing only one true data set for the previous day. Online PC Backup works in parallel with your regular backup routines, complimenting them by ensuring that the most recent data is available for download from your secure backup location in the event of system failure, fire or theft.

With a massive range of custom, bespoke and off the shelf services and solutions from our UK based data centres, we can accommodate whatever you may require when it comes to a hosting platform. Whether you are hosting your school’s website or providing email to staff we have a range of affordable and reliable options available.

With 99.9% uptime and optional integrated backup you can enjoy all the benefits of having super quick, reliable diverse fibre links for full internet redundancy on your hosted platform. Complimented with dual phase entry detection systems providing audit trails for maximum security and internal and external CCTV cameras along with fire suppression throughout the site (and with all systems fully monitored to ensure they are always available!), with Online PC Support you can be assured your hosting is in safe hands.

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