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We have combined our IT Expert's wealth of knowledge and exceptional skill sets to create a highly available, secure hosting platform which we control, allowing us to provide a range of hosted services including web, email, database and other cloud based solutions. Thanks to exponential improvement of technology and hardware, we are able to supply you with a fast, affordable yet resilient hosting platform to meet the demands of even the most challenging of projects.

All systems are fully supported in-house by our team of leading IT Experts offering uptime in excess of 99.99%, backed by a variety of Dell hardware platforms and Microsoft software technologies. Our unique approach to affordable ICT allows us to do more with less, lowering the total cost of hosting whilst remaining within a powerful and fully supported environment.

Offering two unique levels of dedicated hosting depending on your needs: our cost conscious shared platform comes complete with management portal for the creation of websites, databases and email accounts whereas our fully inclusive service will take care of all of your setup, configuration and implementation, providing you with the peace of mind that everything has been setup correctly, will run efficiently and will be totally secure.

We can even take care of all domain name registrations, transfers and management!

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Web Hosting
Email Hosting
With a massive range of custom, bespoke and off the shelf services and solutions from our UK based data centres, we can accommodate whatever you may require when it comes to a hosting platform. Whether you are hosting your school's website or providing email to your staff and pupils we have a range of affordable and reliable options for your school.

With 99.9% uptime and optional integrated backup you can enjoy all the benefits of having super quick, reliable diverse fibre links for full internet redundancy for your hosted platform. Complimented with dual phase entry detection systems providing audit trails for maximum security and internal and external CCTV cameras along with fire suppression throughout the site all systems are fully monitored to ensure they are always available.

Email hosting is a cost effective method of providing professional email services without the need for expensive servers, software licensing or ICT expertise. Our range of email hosting services provides you with a variety of connection methods and full web based email environments all hosted within our data centre on powerful, redundant infrastructure.

Our email services are protected with all the latest security features including spam filtering and protection against blacklisting - our tireless work ensures that you consistently send clean, personalised email wherever you are, however you connect to the internet.

Establishments and users who require full collaboration between departments and employees should consider our Hosted Exchange platform.

Hosted Exchange
Domain Management
For those who demand more than send and receive when it comes to email communication, we are pleased to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange. Synchronised, always available and fully user oriented, Exchange allows immediate, worldwide collaboration through any device connected to the Internet.

Effectively managing resources, timetables and a vast array of people requires efficient and equally impressive communication and scheduling to ensure smooth operation no matter where you and your users might be. Accessible via a standard web browser, Outlook Mail Client or via a mobile device using ActiveSync your contacts, calendar, mailboxes and more will always be up to date however you access your account.

Utilising the latest version of Microsoft Exchange with full high availability, distribution and redundancy, our cloud based Exchange accounts give you the disaster-proof email systems modern establishments demand whilst saving you the burden of maintenance, management, support and infrastructure costs.

Like postal addresses, Internet addresses have to be managed and controlled to maintain network efficiency and incorporate the latest developments.

Offering fully scaleable, completely configurable domain name management and purchasing we can make sure that your school and it’s activities are instantly recognisable and easy to find, no matter what people may type into their browsers.

Perfect for active schools or colleges with multiple servers or existing domains!

Although given local Government domain names, more and more schools are opting for dedicated domains to give their school an online identity, providing easy to remember email and web addresses - particularly useful when promoting community events, official documents and reports or even snow day information for pupils!

MailCleaner Anti-Spam
SQL Databases
Using a professional filtering solution, designed to eradicate all malicious or otherwise undesirable email (spam), we employ a unique system which captures and cleans email in the cloud before reaching their intended destination.

Already protecting hundreds of thousands of users, our sophisticated solution works in parallel with any current ICT system to provide end users full quarantine control features - with just a click anyone can instantly release a message retained by the filter to their inbox.

As specialists in Microsoft technology we have the expertise to lever the combined power of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server's relational database capabilities and processing power to deliver anything from a simple website to full content management systems.

Our enterprise server infrastructure can provide you either a shared platform or an independent, dedicated server for central data storage & collaboration which is fully scaleable subject to your needs. With a superb choice of licensing options from the free and lightweight SQL Express through to the full featured SQL Enterprise edition offering clustering and high availability.

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