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Our customers trust and rely on our independent and unbiased advice in recommending and providing exactly the right solution or combination of solutions to meet whatever their establishment demands. Offering a whole range of managed network solutions, from broadband provisioning through to ICT network security and cloud computing solutions, we can help deliver fantastic ICT integration throughout your school.

Our selection of managed network services are becoming ever more popular, particularly site wide wireless infrastructures due to the ever increasing use of laptops and laptop trolleys within schools. Offering flexible eLearning platforms is a must for all schools to allow staff and pupils to benefit from the rich variety of Internet based resources. Offering fully scaleable, site wide, robust and secure systems, our IT Experts have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure your network environment is totally sufficient for today and tomorrow.

With the ever increasing number of schools gaining “Academy Status” this is now an exciting opportunity to take control of your ICT, your network and your ICT policies. Thanks to major progressions in technology, our IT Experts can help you realise the benefits of ICT independence and are proud to help reduce the cost of ICT whilst dramatically improving staff and pupil collaboration, remote access solutions and overall ICT performance!

Our Services

Leased Line Replacement
Bonded Broadband
Leased lines, once popular for their fast transfer speeds and uncontended networks are being overshadowed by modern broadband infrastructure capable of transferring data much quicker than a comparable, but more expensive, leased line option.

Working with the UK’s leading broadband specialist, we can offer your establishment fantastic speed and reliability at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to our unrivalled expertise, we can help you migrate and manage your line replacement with minimal fuss and disruption.

UK broadband is only just realising it’s full potential, and with BE Broadband, the UK’s market leader in broadband technology, you can be assured of reliable and ultra-fast network and Internet connections.

For more demanding bandwidth requirements we also offer broadband line bonding, utilising two broadband connections between your establishment and the exchange. As well as allowing full network redundancy, bonded broadband instantly doubles your connection speed, making it perfect for high demand situations such as video-conferencing and high volume Internet usage.

Broadband Reseller
Wireless Infrastructures
Need a broadband that’s built for high speed networks, comparable, if not faster, than your current leased line solution?

BE Broadband with Online PC Support can give you the unrestricted, high speed internet connection you need, enabling you to streamline your school's bandwidth requirements for activities such as video streaming or remote working.

Capable of uploading faster than most people download, rock solid and with no migration fee, BE broadband is designed so that your infrastructure, students, or anyone else for that matter, won’t slow your connection down!

Wireless mesh networking can reduce costly cable backhaul as Ethernet Wiring is no longer needed to connect to individual access points. Enterprise WLAN deployment becomes dramatically faster, cheaper and less complex as access points are simply plugged into any convenient power source.

We are proud of delivering high-end, powerful and flexible WLAN solutions that are not only affordable but extremely reliable and robust.

Resource Management
Disaster Recovery
Nearly all parties who employ ICT anywhere within their organisation do not use their computing power to their full advantage. At Online PC Support, we can help you use existing computing capacity (or provide a full range of dedicated systems) to manage your school's resources as effectively as possible, from classroom scheduling to audio-visual equipment and everything in between.

Capable of securely allowing staff and pupils (where desired) to book, reserve, check in and out equipment, rooms, or other school assets both remotely and on-site, we can help you regain control of your resources and unleash their full potential within your school's environment.

Too often we see the aftermath of pupils, staff and organisations making the same basic mistake. Not understanding the fallible nature of data.

Your establishement’s data, like your pupils’s data, is critical. In the event of fire, destruction or total failure, how long would you take to get your systems back on-line?

Our expertise can provide you with a highly available, fully redundant ICT infrastructure, including email, applications and data, to get your teaching back on-track in a flash!

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