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Whatever your level of internal ICT support, we always have a team of IT Experts at hand to provide you with the skills, qualities and commitment necessary to perform any possible onsite support task. Offering onsite appointments within one hour of our Southampton office, our IT Experts work above and beyond and won't leave site until the job is done, even if they will be late for dinner!

Fully backed by our Online Support team, we pride ourselves in providing a fast, efficient yet comprehensive service, ensuring our time onsite is dedicated to tasks that cannot be performed remotely, meaning you only need to dispatch an IT Expert for tasks that truly require an onsite visit.

Customers located in the UK outside of our one hour travel scope can also benefit from our courier "collect-and-return" service. All equipment received is always repaired and configured then returned for integration back into your school. Any final configuration tasks can then be provided using our Online Support service.

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Cabling & Infrastructure
Intelligent infrastructure is key for smooth and productive networking in modern organisations but often over-looked.

Our IT Experts work with you from the outset to plan and deliver the perfect network for your organisation, whether you require the speed and reliability of cabled networks, the flexibility of wireless or both!

Partnered with the South’s Network & Digital Solutions providers we can work to any scale whilst retaining the attention to detail efficient networks demand.

From brand new cloud based thin client networks to extensions of existing IT infrastructure, we guarantee your new technology will be quickly and professionally configured and installed.

Empowering your establishment with technology from Online PC Support means you can begin using and relying on your IT system before we even leave your site.

Our decades of IT experience allow us to ensure that we can supply and install whatever your business might need.

Repairs & Upgrades
Like cars, computers work best when correctly maintained and monitored so that potential problems are caught and prevented before they occur.

At Online PC support we know that maintenance is better when it’s pre-emptive, utilising our leading Outsourced ICT Support plans. We monitor your hardware remotely on a daily basis so we know when it’s time to come and change a hard drive or replace a battery.

With our advanced knowledge of work to be done, we can consolidate any work you need into one visit, keeping your ICT costs low and your systems running smoothly.

Over time computer hardware can become obsolete or damaged, requiring replacement parts of extra components which cannot practically be completed remotely.

Capable of repairing all kinds of UPS, networking, printing and peripheral devices, Onsite Support perfectly compliments our Online Support and maintenance packages, allowing foresight to minimise downtime and disruption.

As your organisation grows or new technology becomes available we can advise you on the best way to make the most of your hardware and your budget.

Telephony & VoIP
PBX telephony systems based on IP/VoIP phones allow organisations to intelligently manage their communications and associated costs between regional sites or across continents.

Using existing network infrastructure we can manage systems of any size, giving you complete customisation of user experience, logging and call routing.

Offering highly flexible yet dependable systems which grow as your establishment does, we can keep your focus on learning priorities whilst delivering cheap yet fully dependable vital systems.

Correctly used, CCTV is one of the most powerful and effective tools in any administrator’s arsenal, and the plethora of equipment readily available can make this job seem deceptively simple.

Until you need the images from it…

Working with you and your site requirements allows us to provide you with the system you need whilst ensuring you know how to operate and maintain the installation, keeping your CCTV system a potent and effective deterrent throughout its lifecycle.

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