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We have learnt the hard way that you get what you pay for. Although the major high street retailers can sell you any old PC at what seems like a whopping discount, we often find them popping into the store between six months and a year later to get it fixed.

As the UK's leading independent IT Experts, we know that when an investment is worth making, it's worth making right. With three year warranty as standard, complimented by our leading Online Support, we can supply a multitude of quotes to choose from, all backed by Dell's exceptional workmanship and reputation for quality, taking the hassle out of buying a new computer so you can relax and enjoy your new machine.

With an intricate and in-depth knowledge of Dell's systems we will ensure you get the best computer system possible for your budget. With Online PC Support, you can be safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your machine we will handle the communication and logistics with our elevated level of Dell Support, getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

When you order a Dell Computer from Online PC Support, it comes pre-configured with only what you need - we will give it a thorough check to make sure that from the word go, it runs as fast as it possibly can. We can even come and set your machine up where you want it, connect it to your home network, migrate your data and configure your email, user accounts and Anti-Virus software so it's ready to play with as soon as you turn it on.

For a full range of Dell computers, visit the Dell website and when you're ready to order, pop in-store or give us a ring.

Our Services

Dell provide a wonderful variety of entry-level to high-end desktop computers and workstations designed specifically for home users. We know that however demanding your computing needs we have a Dell solution that will fit your requirements.

Fully configurable so that you are purchasing only exactly what you need, we can ensure your new computer is affordable and future proof, as well as protected by Dell’s world-class services and customer support.

Please contact us for the latest deals!

Mobility, portability and flexibility are the cursors of today’s technological evolution.

Whether you are on the road, on a train or just want the freedom of moving around your home with a full featured computer, the wide range of features found in Dell notebooks allows you to use your laptop at any time, anywhere.

From small, ultra portable work machines to the latest gaming laptops, we can help you get exactly what you need. And make sure it stays running for years and years..

Imagine a computer that can do almost everything a desktop or laptop computer can do, but it's the size and weight of a hardback book.

Netbooks are half the size of laptops and ultra-portable, and they're set to take over the world of computing. With Dell's incredible range of thin, lightweight and low power Netbooks you can work or play for hours on end, wherever you choose to be.

Featuring touch and flip high definition screens, a range of onboard connectivity options and even your choice of Operating System we guarantee we can find you the Netbook you need at a superb, high street-beating price!

For those who require the ultimate in portability, suave and ability, let us introduce you to Dell's range of ultra-sharp, internet ready touch screen tablets.

As thin as the average phone, the size of a book yet running a fully featured Windows 7 Operating system, Dell's tablet PC's pack blistering performance and exceptional battery life into a crisp, intuitive and beautiful touch screen device.

Perfect for email, homework, videos, music or internet on the go, with Online PC Support and Dell by your side you can be assured of the latest and greatest technology at a price that you'll find hard to believe!

With the advent of cheap, reliable colour printers, wireless integration and multifunction devices, buying a new printer can be a confusing task, even without considering the eventual cost of ink.

With their incredible depth of knowledge, our IT Experts can help you pick exactly the right printer at exactly the right price from Dell's range of easy to setup, easy to use award winning eco friendly printers.

Backed by Dell's global reputation and excellent warranty, we can save you up to 30% compared to an equivalent HP printer without sacrificing at all on quality, giving you a lower total cost of printing, all supported by Online PC Support's leading IT Experts.

From Graphic Design to Gaming, Word processing to Watching Videos, with Dell's incredible range of monitors you won't believe your eyes. Or your ears!

Boasting features such as 3D viewing, integrated webcams, total connectivity, multi-touch screens and UltraSharp display capabilities, a new or replacement monitor from Online PC Support is the only way to enjoy all your computing needs in stunning clarity.

With a variety of sizes, stands and configurations available, all with a three year warranty, we look forward to introducing you to Dell’s exciting range of monitors!

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