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Over the past few years, technology has really taken off for the consumer in a massive way. We have seen improvements in wireless technologies, a significant increase in the number of digital devices in the home such as multiple computers, tablet devices, iPhones and smartphones, LED/LCD televisions, digital media boxes (SKY/TiVo, BT Vision) and the latest gaming consoles (PS3, Wii, XBox) - quite a list, and one that’s growing daily!

As keen lovers of technology, we are lucky enough to get a research and development budget to play with all these new toys - our IT Experts can assist with every element of initial setup, configuration, integration and ongoing support for all of these mentioned products and more.

If you are looking to purchase a new toy, we can provide you all the advice and best buy prices available on the high street or the web, and if you are lucky enough to already own one, we are always happy to offer friendly advice and valuable knowledge whatever unfortunate situation you might find yourself in.

Our Services

Tablets & iPads
iPhones & Smartphones
Everybody’s talking about tablets! With the explosion within the market for simple, touch screen, instant on devices the choices seems endless, but too often is judged simply by cost - remember you get what you pay for!

Tablets are certainly an excellent addition to an existing computer allowing you to do simple, single tasks such as sending and receiving email, browsing the Internet, or using a dedicated app, for example online shopping or Internet banking.

With our leading Online Support and extensive knowledge our IT Experts can help you with all aspects of your tablet ownership, from your initial choice to setup, synchronisation and integration within your home. We might even be able to show you things you never knew you could do!

Thanks to the mobile phone operators offering consumers such a wide choice of the latest smartphones, often at a significantly subsidised price, we are finding that the average mobile user now has a smartphone in their pocket. All well and good until you get a problem!

Modern smartphones are now as fast and flexible as PCs used to be. With such incredible power at your fingertips, we’d hate to see it go to waste, although the average smartphone owner typically uses less than 10% of their devices capability.

Our IT Experts can assist with taking you and your device to the next level in productivity, organisation and introduce you to the wonderful range of freely available and useful apps to get the most from your smartphone, and should it all go horribly wrong, our IT Experts can help you solve any problem or issue you might encounter!

Network Attached Storage
Wireless Networking
Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems store, share and protect data for home and business users. They are a great way to centralise files, share them between computers and even automatically backup to an offsite location. Focusing on three key capabilities - access, backup and centralisation of data storage and your digital media, they are also resilient against hard disk failure mirroring data between 2x Hard Drives (Raid 1).

Access to your digital media has never been easier - get hold of your videos, music, photos and data from a wide range of devices including Windows PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Macs, UNIX/Linux machines, PS3s, Xbox360s, Home Cinema systems, iTunes, and even compatible TV's! With a range of built-in services all preconfigured and ready to go, your NAS can stream photos and videos over DLNA, send files over common file sharing protocols and even provide remote access via the built-in secure web interface from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Once the pinnacle of technological achievement, wireless connectivity and networking is now commonplace in the average home, thanks to Internet Service Providers (ISP) finally realising the true value added benefit of delivering their broadband service around your home without wires.

With a vast range of wireless products and manufacturers on offer, Netgear is without a doubt the most reliable, easy to setup and most flexible within the home. As Netgear Powershift Resellers, we can supply a wide range of exciting products and features such as extended wireless networks to cover the most demanding of environments.

Backed by our outstanding Online and Onsite Support services, our IT Experts can help you overcome any wireless or network issue from installation to replacement and upgrades, letting you rediscover the freedom of your portable devices!

PS3 & Xbox Gaming
Media Streaming
Setting up games consoles for Online Gaming is a must for all gamers, but connecting consoles through home firewalls and routers can often be challenging if your home network is not setup and configured correctly.

Did you know that you can also easily stream video, photos and music from any home computer, NAS or the Internet directly to the latest gaming consoles? In only a few simple steps, we can configure your devices to talk to each other providing an extra level of content that was otherwise unavailable in earlier console generations.

Whether assisting with getting you online with the latest version of Call of Duty or connecting your console via your home wireless network, our IT Experts will be more than happy to help take your gaming to the next level!

With knowledge and experience of common setup mistakes, console failures and their reasons we can even advise you on installation and integration of your console and heat management techniques to keep you gaming for longer!

Sitting back on the sofa is definitely the preferred method for consuming video content, and while there are many different ways to get video onto a PC, getting your media off the computer screen and onto your TV has been a challenge until fairly recently. Fortunately, there's been an explosion in affordable, stable media streaming devices, meaning you no longer have to be stuck behind your keyboard to view your media library.

Thanks a new standard for accessing movies, photos, music and media from other devices known as the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), computers and NAS devices around your home can store media in one location, and, without any setup or configuration, can stream this media to compliant players, such as the PS3, XBox, Laptops, Smartphones and the latest generation of LED/LCD Televisions.

At Online PC Support we all use this technology on a daily basis, and can offer a wealth of independent experience and assistance to bring your familie’s media together in one comfortable place!

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