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Imagine all your emails, documents, music and contacts vanishing in less than a second, never to be retrieved again.

We hate this scenario more than you do. Mostly because we don’t like seeing people cry. Even though we’re the best at what we do, and exceptional value for money with it, there’s nothing worse than, after hours and hours of attempts to retrieve as much as possible, having to tell someone their precious memories are economically irretrievable.

The cost of the average replacement hard drive for in-store fixes is only £60, all well and good if you maintain a watertight backup regime but, frankly, who does? The data stored on your computer is what’s important, and for just £29.99 incl. VAT a year we can ensure you never loose a file again. Ever.

Every hard drive will fail, every computer will break. With Online PC Backup your computer will update your backed up files when you change them on your computer, automatically and securely so when you do eventually have to bring your computer for repair (or even if you choose to do it yourself) your files will live on, and can be downloaded again with a minimum of fuss, as if they never left! And you can access your files from anywhere in the world - perfect if you forgot important documents or want to listen to your music wherever you have an Internet connection!

With truly no limit on the amount of data or number of computers you can backup, there’s now no excuse for loosing your data!

Online Backup Plans

We think everyone should have this service. In fact, we're so excited about it and so determined to make sure everyone has a working backup, so we never have to be the bearer of bad news ever again, we have reduced the price by at least a whopping 25% from the LiveDrive RRP! And a completely secure, unlimited automatic backup is only the tip of the iceberg! See the chart below for everything that Online PC Backup has to offer…
Online PC Briefcase includes unlimited backup. All Prices include VAT @ 20%
Online PC Backup is a very simple (yet powerful) online backup solution. You choose which folders you want to backup, and Online PC Backup will work in the background to protect the contents of those folders while you work. You can set it up and forget about it.

Online PC Briefcase is our flexible and innovative access-anywhere product, that lets you access your files wherever you go, and see the same files on all of your PCs. Online PC Briefcase will change the way that you view files – no longer are they static objects on one computer, but they go with you wherever you go and you never need be without them again.

Backup Features

Secure, off-site, unlimited automatic backup is the cornerstone of Online PC Backup, but it’s by no means all it can do. From file version tracking to music and video streaming, iPhone and mobile device integration, we really do mean it when we say EVERYONE needs this service.

We promise you’ll thank us one day.

Windows or Mac
Whether you’ve got a PC or Mac – or both – Livedrive works in exactly the same way.
Your backups are private and secure. Livedrive uses military grade encryption, and your files reside in our state-of-the-art data centers.
View Photos
Browse all of your photos with thumbnails, and view them online. Even create slideshows and view your photos full screen.
Play Music
Our web portal has a built in music player, letting you stream your music straight to your web browser. Browse all of your music by album, artist, genre or year.
Unlimited Storeage
Your Livedrive account comes with unlimited storage. So it doesn’t matter how many files you’ve got – we’ll back them all up.
Office Documents
Log in to our powerful web portal and you can view your Office documents from your browser. No need to have Office installed!
Streem Videos
All of your videos can be streamed straight to your web browser – whatever format they’re in. Watch them full screen from any computer, anywhere in the world.
Livedrive monitors your files as you work, and backs them up as soon as they are saved - so there’s no need to remember to back up.
Share One-click
Share any file on your Briefcase with one click. Share files publicly, or privately with friends, family or colleagues – no more emailing large files or posting CDs.
Send photos straight from your Livedrive Briefcase to your favourite social networks – no need to upload your files to each site individually.
Easy Restore
Download your files at any time from the web – even deleted files – or restore files easily using our powerful downloadable restore app.
30 Versions
Livedrive keeps the past 30 versions of your files, so that you can revert back to them at any time.

Briefcase Features

As if Online PC Backup wasn’t enough, we are also pleased to announce Online PC Briefcase. Offering you a complete remote, highly accessible file organisation, sharing and editing service, you’ll never be more than a click from your files every again. Add the simplicity of Online PC Backup and you get the most affordable and powerful digital briefcase and backup solution to be found on the web!

Same Files Everywhere
Your Briefcase automatically syncs between all of your PCs or Macs. Save a file on one PC and it updates on all of the others in seconds.
LAN Transfers
Use Livedrive on multiple PCs on the same network? Livedrive will sync files between PCs over the LAN.
Livedrive never throttles your bandwidth and uses advanced technology to maximise the speed of your uploads and downloads.
Online Offline
You can keep Briefcase files on your PC so you can access them offline, or you can store files only online to save space on your computer.
Email to Live Drive
Email files to your Livedrive Briefcase and they’re automatically stored online and synced between your computers.
FTP Support
Access all of the files on your Briefcase using FTP – easily upload or download files. Supports FTP resume.
Edit Files Online
Files on your Briefcase can be edited from any web browser. Open and edit documents or photos with our built-in web apps and changes are synced to all of your computers!
External Drive
Your Briefcase appears as a new drive on your PC or Mac. You can use your online files just like you would use a USB stick or hard drive.

Get Started

To begin using Online PC Backup, create your FREE Online Support account via our Support Centre.
Login to our Support Centre and connect to an IT Expert who will create your Online PC Backup account and provide you with all the necessary account information required for self installation. Alternatively, we can provide a fully managed and assisted installation service on one or more computers.
Download and install the PC Backup software by choosing your operating system below. When asked, enter the username and password we sent you be email. Your computer is now ready to begin it’s backup!
Out of the box, Online PC Backup knows the most common files and folders it needs to backup, and gets right on with it. However we recommend following our setup guide to make sure you don’t miss anything!
Stay Protected
Sit back and relax whilst Online PC Backup secures your digital life. Bear in mind that if you have shed loads of data and a slow internet connection your initial backup may take some time but once its done you’re automatically protected forever- no matter how often you edit your files!

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Need a Hand?

We appreciate that although IT is not everyone’s strong suit, most people either use or rely on at least one computer.

We want to make sure your files are safe. It keeps you happy, it keeps us happy and lets you get on with your PC without fear of accidental destruction.

We are therefore offering a complete setup and verification service for just one support session (£9.99)!

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